Episode #36 - 2-24


Oliver Reed - Aristides
Imogen Hassall - Sophia
Tommy Duggan - Stavros
Peter Kriss - Niko
John Wentworth - Professor Grant
Hal Galili - Joe Martin
Wolfe Morris - Gorgo
Andre Malendrinos - 1st Villager
Tony Arpino - 2nd Villager
Raymond Ray - Photographer

Directed by Roger Moore; Screenplay by Robert Stewart
Adapted from the original story by Leslie Charteris

Templar is on holiday in Athens where he meets archeologist Professor Grant. Grant invites him to come to the excavation site in the small town of Kyros. Shortly after Aristides, the nephew of hotel owner Stavros, arrives after having lived a long time in USA. Simon at once suspects him to be a crook. When Aristides tries to steal a precious gold statue from the excavation Simon intervenes... for the good of the poor hotel owner and his daughter Sophia.

* Oliver Reed also appears in Episode #21 "The King of the Beggars"
* Oliver Reed is a movie actor that appeared for example in "Gladiator" (2000)
* Imogen Hassall also appears in Episodes #84 "Flight Plan" and #111 "The People Importers". She also appears in the first "The Persuaders" episode "Overture"
* Tommy Duggan also appears in Episode #84 "Flight Plan"
* Hal Galili also appears in Episodes #38 "The Ever-Loving Spouse", #44 "The Revolution Racket", #73 "Interlude in Venice" and #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint"
* Wolfe Morris also appears in Episode #36 "Locate and Destroy"
* Andre (as Andreas) Malandrinos also appears in Episodes #83 "Locate and Destroy" and #98 "The Gadic Collection"
* Tony Arpino also appears in Episode #2 "The Latin Touch"
* Raymond Ray also appears in Episode #5 "The Loaded Tourist"
Commentary with Robert S. Baker, Johnny Goodman, Ken Baker and Roger Moore on the network DVD
Watch out for the black string from the string curtain at the door hanging over actor Peter Kriss' (Niko) shoulder during the whole scene. (0:08)

UK: 27th February 1964

* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0499 (2003)
* DVD (PAL): network 7952455d (2006)


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