07/04/2024 -  See a photo of Roger Moore in the middle of a big crowd of fans to judge his popularity in October 1965 while The Saint was running. Check it out here on the Watford Observer.

06/21/2024 -  Donald Sutherland who played in two episodes of the series, in #62 "The Happy Suicide" and #85 "Escape Route" (directed by Roger Moore), passed away yesterday at the age of 88. According to Roger Moore, a rough cut of the latter episode landed Sutherland the role in the movie "The Dirty Dozen" (1967). Read Mr Sutherland's obituary here on the website of the BBC.

02/23/2024 -  John Savident who played Frank Lomax in episode #112 "Where the Money Is" has passed away on 02/21/2024. Read his obituary on the website of Sky. [Submitted by Christopher Chiu]

10/14/2023 -  Let's celebrate Sir Roger Moore on what would have been his 96th birthday.

06/04/2023 -  No model car news this time, but news about a real car - von Braun Sports Cars produced SAINT, a beautiful custom car version of the Volvo P1800. Design work was carried out by Zachau Design with the blessing of original car designer Pelle Petterson. Check out images of the beautiful car on the website of Zachau Design.

05/28/2023 -  The replica of the show's tie-in Volvo P1800 in scale 1/46 from Corgi, first released in the 1960s, will only be available until next week. You can order it on the website of the Corgi Model Club. The 2nd edition with a fully licensed Saint logo on the bonnet with a non-discoloured background and Paramount licensing line on the packaging can already be preordered here and is expected to be shipped in June. Orders will only ship to UK though.

05/19/2023 -  Ray Austin who directed episodes #102 "The Desperate Diplomat" and #111 "The People Importers" and also appeared as actor in five episodes (e.g. #22 "The Rough Diamonds") has died on 05/17/2023 at the age of 90. Austin started his screen career as a stunt performer and arranger, then appeared also as actor before moving on to directing mostly TV series in the UK and US. Find out more about him and his career on his website.

04/19/2023 -  A model of the Volvo P1800 in size 1/18 is now available in its 1967 version from Norev. The car is only available online and limited to 600 pieces. Price per model car is EUR 74.38. The model comes with a decal with number plate NUV647E and a 1967 windscreen sticker.

01/29/2023 -  Sylvia Syms who appeared in episodes #29 "The Noble Sportsman", #42 "Jeaninne", #99 "The Best Laid Schemes" and played the memorable role of author Amos Klein in the double episode/movie #109/110 "The Fiction Makers" has passed away on 01/27/2023 at the age of 89. Read her obituary on the website of the BBC.

11/15/2022 -  The November issue of the The Oldie magazine has a cover feature on The Saint's 60th anniversary (plus the 60th of Dr. No). Check out the website here.

10/14/2022 -  Today would have been Sir Roger Moore's 95th birthday.

09/30/2022 -  HAPPY 60TH to the The Saint TV series! On Sunday, September 30, 1962, the first episode of the series premiered on ITV. This episode, of course, was Episode #1 "The Talented Husband".

Clifford Davis from the Daily Mirror commented on it the next day: "Roger Moore made a big impact in the first of ITV's new Saint series last night. [...] This series should put him right at the top."

And Dennis Potter from the Daily Herald wrote "Last night the new offering was The Saint, a delightfully sleek and promising series featuring Leslie Charteris' famous sleuth, the handsome hero figure with a portable halo and a fast sports car. [...] Roger Moore played the Saint with just the right well-tailored dash."

(both quoted in Simper, p.8)

07/12/2022 -  Looks like the Marcos 1600 GT mentioned previously didn't sell at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 06/24/2022. But you can check out the auction website for more details about the history of the car. The car was used in Episode 118 "The World Beater".

06/06/2022 -  Have you ever wanted to test your knowledge about the The Saint TV series? Then The ITC Quiz Book by Rick Davy might just be the thing for you! Over 1000 questions and puzzles about The Saint, Danger Man, The Prisoner, Department S, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Thunderbirds, Space: 1999, The Persuaders!, UFO, Return of the Saint, and many more wait to be answered. The book can now be pre-ordered.

06/02/2022 -  "Here's What Happened To Roger Moore's Volvo P1800 From The Saint" is what this article on Slashgear explores - one of the cars used in the show.

05/23/2022 -  The James Bond A-Z Podcast released the first part of a two-part special focusing on Sir Roger Moore's career until the end of the Seventies, including The Saint. Check out the episode here.

05/21/2022 -  Read an article in The Telegraph about the Marcos 1600 car used in Episode 118 "The World Beater" which will go on auction in June 2022.

04/18/2022 -  An article in The Telegraph celebrating the 60th birthday of The Saint's Volvo P1800.

04/01/2022 -  The book by John Buss about The Saint collectibles was published two weeks ago. The book offers an overview over various collectibles and it's good to see so many of these with pictures. It's surprising to see that a book with this title does not have lists for the various items (e.g. the stories in the TV Tornado Comics) or (also unexplained in the introduction) why any collectibles that were released after the show's end (e.g. The Very Best of The Saint - Trading Cards) were ignored.

01/08/2022 -  A post in one of the The Saint Facebook groups made me aware of another book about the series which was already published in February 2020: The Saint: The Series by Scott Palmer. It can be ordered through bookstores, e.g. here at amazon.
Contentwise it's an episode guide with a short summary of the plot, a cast list with images of each of the actors, screenshots from each episode and images connected to the series (posters, books). For that it's quite expensive considering you can get the same information from IMBD and this humble site.

10/28/2021 -  The premiere issue of a new magazine by the name of "ITC Entertained The World" can be pre-ordered through Quoit Media. The first issue features articles on Gideon's Way, Danger Man, The Saint and more. If the name of the magazine sounds familiar - it's the same as the podcast by Jaz Wiseman - that's not surprising, the magazine was designed and edited by him too.

10/14/2021 -  Today would have been Sir Roger Moore's 94th birthday.

10/13/2021 -  The scriptbook for Episode #16 "Teresa" is available now and can be ordered through Lulu.

10/03/2021 -  Jaz Wizeman announced on his Twitter account yesterday that he will release a scriptbook for Episode #16 "Teresa" soon. The script used as basis for the book "was Roy Ward Baker's and it's got lots of his drawings in it about how he planned to shoot scenes."

09/09/2021 -  A book about collectibles for The Saint and Return of the Saint will be published on 03/15/2022. Author John Buss has already published several books about other TV series, like the recently published book about The Prisoner and Danger Man. The Saint book can already be preordered e.g. here on the publishing house's website Amberley Publishing.

08/31/2021 -  Barbara Moore, who provided the vocals for Edwin Astley's theme song for the TV series, passed away last week on 08/26/2021. Check out more information about her work and biography on her website.
09/29/2021 -  UPDATE - An interesting obituary for Barbara Moore with information about her performance for the theme song was published on The Telegraph.

07/30/2021 -  Gideon's Way, a series that was produced in parallel to The Saint by Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman, will be released on Blu-ray on 10/11/2021 and is available to preorder now. More information about the preorder can be found on the official website from Network. Hopefully this means that there will be a HD release of The Saint too some day.

06/30/2021 -  Actor Stuart Damon has passed away at the age of 84. He played opposite Alexandra Bastedo (who appeared in Episodes #61 "The Crime of the Century"" and #91 "The Counterfeit Countess") in the ITC series "The Champions" (1968). Damon is best known to us from the proto-"The Persuaders" Episode #115 "The Ex-King of Diamonds". Read his obituaries on USA Today or the Daily Mirror.

06/16/2021 -  Episode 12 of the ITC Entertained The World podcast focuses on Jane Merrow and her appearances in ITC series. She joins the podcast team in Episode 12. Jane Merrow appeared in Episodes #62 "The Happy Suicide" and #78 "The Angel's Eye".

05/28/2021 -  Similar to the Roger Moore replica figure from BIG Chief Studios (see news from 04/07/2019) there is another Roger Moore 1:6 action figure available from Did Corporation. Other than the BIG Chief Studios figur this one can not only be dressed as James Bond from Live and Let Die but also in a more generic Bond suit.

05/25/2021 -  The DVD of the Elstree Studios celebration event that took place in November 2018 is available to preorder now from Quoit Media. Guests were for example Annette André (who appeared in five episodes of The Saint) and Ian Ogilvy (who played Simon Templar in the "Return of the Saint" series). More details about the contents can be found on the preorder website.

04/14/2021 -  The May issue of Classic & Sports Car, "Britain's best-selling classic car magazine", offers an article about the Saint cars used on screen. Get your issue here on their website. You can also download a free wallpaper with all the cars here (preview image in this news).

02/18/2021 -  A new book about the series, in particular Episode #23 "The Saint Plays with Fire" was already published on 04/02/2020 (138p, ISBN: 9798633439526). A preview of its contents can be found at the amazon listing. The book is part of the series "Classic British Television Drama" covering other TV series from that time period.

From the same publisher comes another book, "ITC Entertained The World: The 2020 Podcasts Volume 1" (177p, ISBN: 9798676320393), transcribing the first six ITC Entertained The World podcasts from 2020, incl. the The Saint episode mentioned in the news here on 07/31/2020.

Finally, that podcast episode received a bonus episode, discussing four of the best black and white episodes of the series - the selection, of course, remains in the eye of beholder. :) The bonus episode is available to listen to and download here.

02/09/2021 -  On the day of the UK airdate of "The World Beater", the last episode of The Saint, 52 years ago Free Maylaysia Today posted an article about Leslie Charteris, his connection to Malaysia and his creation Simon Templar.

10/14/2020 -  Today would have been Sir Roger Moore's 93th birthday.

09/04/2020 -  Swedish race team Cyan has given a P1800 a modern racing makeover - check out the beautiful car (in Saintly blue) and its specs on the Cyan Racing website.

08/28/2020 -  An article about the P1800 with reference to "The Saint" describing motorisation, versions, availability, even the racing history is now available at Sports Cars Digest.

07/31/2020 -  Episode 6 of Jaz Wiseman's ITC Entertained The World podcast focuses on "The Saint". You can listen and download it here. It features archive interview clips from Sir Roger Moore, producer Robert S. Baker and production supervisor Johnny Goodman.

07/05/2020 -  An article about the cars used in the shows "The Saint" and "Return of the Saint" is now available online here. For the article the Volvo P1800 and the Jaguar XJ-S were brought to Elstree Studios. The article was previously only available in the December 2015 issue of print magazine "Practical Classics".

06/02/2020 -  Artist Nacho Fernandez Castro posted an illustration in connection with Roger Moore's day of death on on May 23 on Instagram - it mainly focuses on his role as The Saint with a few other roles added.
04/10/2020 -  Honor Blackman has died on April 5, 2020, aged 94. She played Pauline Stone in Episode #7 "The Arrow of God" and became legendary in her role as Pussy Galore in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger" (1964). Read her obituary on the website of The Guardian.

01/26/2020 -  The book "Raising an Eyebrow - My Life with Sir Roger Moore" will be released on January 27, 2020, written by his executive assistant Gareth Owen. More information about the book on the publisher's website.

11/29/2019 -  Annette André who appeared five times throughout the series has published "Where Have I Been All My Life? - A Memoir" last year. The book features a foreword by Sir Roger. More details under Sources.

11/26/2019 -  The British edition of GQ reports about the orgins of the Volvo P1800 as "a car sexy enough for Roger Moore".

10/14/2019 -  Today would have been Sir Roger Moore's 92th birthday.

10/13/2019 -  Artist Chris Valentine has posted this depiction of Simon Templar on Instagram - which seems to me heavily inspired by Roger Moore's portrayal of The Saint.
07/23/2019 -  David Hedison who starred in Episode #31 "Luella" and also was a good friend of Sir Roger (see the quotes on the episode page) has died on July 18th, 2019, aged 92. Hedison also played in the two James Bond movies "Live and Let Die" (1973) opposite Roger Moore and "License to Kill" (1989), both times as Felix Leiter. Read his obituary on the The Hollywood Reporter.

06/12/2019 -  Our beloved Volvo P1800 gets a mention in this article on the website of the History Channel as one of 12 of the Most Iconic Cars in TV History.

04/07/2019 -  Not The Saint but a 1:6 Collector Figure of Roger Moore in his role as James Bond in the movie Live and Let Die will be available by BIG Chief Studios in October 2019.

04/07/2019 -   Series 2 of the The Saint Trading cards from Unstoppable are available here, together with a Saint and Persuaders binder.

01/28/2019 -  A new model of the Volvo P1800 in size 1/18 is now available from DNA Collectibles. This edition is limited to 320 pieces. Price per model car is 179 Swiss Francs plus shipping. A video of the model car can be watched here.

10/14/2018 -  Today would have been Sir Roger Moore's 91th birthday.

06/16/2018 -  A book with Saint content was released at the end of last year. It has two essays about the Saint, "Knight in a Shining P1800" by Sheena Samhujh and "The World Through A Halo" by Greg Bakun. In addition you will find chapters about "The Persuaders" and the "Return of the Saint" and many more ITC shows plus a foreword by Annette André. The book is called "Playboys, Spies, and Private Eyes - Inspired by ITC", edited by Alan Hayes and Rick Davy. More details under Sources.

06/10/2018 -  Actress Eunice Gayson who starred in the two Episodes #34 "The Invisible Millionaire" and #69 "The Saints Bids Diamonds" has died on June 8th, 2018, aged 90. Eunice Gayson became famous for her role as Sylvia Trench in the James Bond movies "Dr. No" (1962) and "From Russia With Love" (1963). Read her obituary on the website of The Guardian. Her official website is here.

06/09/2018 -  An article about Templar's Volvo P1800 was published on Stuff New Zealand in their Blast from the past series in the motoring rubric. While it doesn't have new information it's nice to see the car getting this attention.

05/24/2018 -  Yesterday marked the first anniversary of Sir Roger Moore's death. As a tribute Volvo Cars asked the car's designer, Pelle Petterson, to drive the P1800 car that Roger Moore once owned. You can find the video here. Additional articles can be found here on The Drive and another one from Hemmings.

03/03/2018 -  One of the Volvo P1800 used for the filming of the show, NUV 648E, will be on display at the 30th Techno-Classica Essen show between 21st - 25th of March 2018. Check out the press release from Volvo Cars. It has interesting information and photos about the thermometer and the fan the car was equipped with for filming.

12/27/2017 -  A two hour tribute about Sir Roger was aired on BBC Radio 2 yesterday. The special contains contributions by Deborah Moore, Barbara Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson, Gareth Owen and Sir Michael Caine. It can be listened to here on BBC's website.

10/16/2017 -  October 14th, 2017 would have been Sir Roger Moore's 90th birthday. In his honor a stage at Pinewood Studios was renamed to "The Roger Moore Stage" on Sunday. Read the news here on the official Pinewood website.

10/08/2017 -  Actress Suzan Farmer who has appeared in four episodes of The Saint has died on September 17th, 2017, aged 75. Read an obituary about her on the Independent.

07/01/2017 -  Several sources reported last week that the pilot episode from the planned but canceled reboot of the Saint (see the news from 12/09/2012) will be made available through Digital HD/VOD on 07/11/2017. The pilot will feature a cameo by Sir Roger Moore. Fingers crossed for a DVD/Bluray release. Reports can be found here on BroadwayWorld and Digital Spy.

06/20/2017 -  Oxford Diecast has released a 1:76 scale model of the Volvo P1800 in white - it even has a ST1 number plate! Check it out on their website.

05/31/2017 -  Another obituary how Roger Moore made the role of James Bond his own on Variety, a summary of the reactions of the Bond family on the Express and a heartfelt tribute by fellow Bond actor Pierce Brosnan how Moore's performance as The Saint affected his decision to become an actor, again on Variety.

05/26/2017 -  More obituaries for Sir Roger by the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and another one from The Guardian.

05/24/2017 -  Read the statement by Jamed Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli on the official 007 Instagram channel here.
Read reactions by the Bond family incl. Sean Connery on the The Hollywood Reporter and an obituary on the same site here.

05/23/2017 -  It is with a sad heart that I have to make this update - Sir Roger Moore has died, aged 89.
I can't thank you enough for all the countless hours of entertainment you've given me as Simon Templar, Brett Sinclair, James Bond and many more. Rest in Peace.
Read the statement by his children on the official Twitter channel here.
Read obituaries for Sir Roger on the BBC, Independent and the The Guardian websites and the statement by the UNICEF Executive Director about his work as Goodwill Ambassador.

01/05/2017 -  If you always wanted to drive a Volvo P1800 but couldn't afford one - here's your chance: the car is part of the Rockstar Energy Car Pack as a barn find for the game Forza Horizon 3 from Microsoft (available for PC and Xbox One). The website iDigitalTimes has a video guide how to find it here.

10/14/2016 -  Congratulations to Sir Roger Moore to his 89th birthday!

10/14/2015 -  All the best to the one and only Sir Roger Moore on his 88th birthday!

02/08/2015 -  A new DVD set of complete The Saint TV series will be released in USA and Canada on May 26, 2015 by the Shout! Factory. More details are available on the official website. It is currently unknown if the special features are the same as the ones on previous released sets. The set can be curerently pre-ordered with a $40 discount here.
Amazon.com also lists a 10-DVD-set for Seasons 1 & 2 to be released on October 13 which can als be pre-ordered for a reduced price.
02/09/2015 -  UPDATE - I received info from Shout! Factory that the special features are taken from existing DVD releases. If anyone wants to submit which special features are on this release, feel free to drop me an email.

02/01/2015 -  Another sad day in the history of the The Saint TV Series - as the official Leslie Charteris website reports, Johnny Goodman has passed away in the night from January 30 to 31. Goodman was Production Supervisor before becoming Associate Producer on the series. Goodman can be seen here together with Sir Roger Moore and Robert S. Baker during the recording of the commentaries for the Umbrella Entertainment DVDs.

10/14/2014 -  A very happy birthday and best wishes to Sir Roger Moore! Mr. Moore celebrates his 87th birthday today!

10/07/2014 -  A story about Roger Moore signing the sun visor of a fan's replica Volvo during his book tour for Last Man Standing in the Liverpool Echo.

09/21/2014 -  Sir Roger Moore's second memoir (after My Word is My Bond) was released earlier this month. It also contains some references and stories connected to The Saint. It can be bought for example here.

09/19/2014 -  Here's a treat - Jay Leno, former host of "The Tonight Show" checks out the NUV 648E version of the The Saint's Car. Watch the 20 minute video with Jay and owner Bill Krzastek here and enjoy a gallery with beautiful photos.

07/13/2014 -  In a new book cameraman and director of photography Alex Mills tells the story of his experiences during the filming of several James Bond movies, but also The Return of the Jedi and as a camera operator in the The Saint series. The book has a foreword by Sir Roger Moore. It can be bought for example here.

07/13/2014 -  Who would win if The Saint and James Bond ever would fight against each other - Sir Roger Moore answers that question in the Telegraph

05/01/2014 -  Seems like the Saint reboot needs another reboot - a news story on several UK websites reports that scriptwriter Chris Lunt is working on script commissions at the moment. The recent pilot episode mentioned below apparently did not have success. Read also about Lunt's vision for the new Saint actor for example here on the Belfast Telegraph.

10/26/2013 -  An interview with Sir Roger Moore at BBC from today which also has information about the new The Saint series.

10/14/2013 -  All the best wishes to Sir Roger Moore! Mr. Moore celebrates his 86th birthday today.

09/23/2013 -  An article about the 71 DXC version of the The Saint's Car, owned and fully restored by Kevin Price, on the Daily Mail Online.

08/15/2013 -  The 71 DXC version of the The Saint's Car will be at display at several car shows this year:
Manchester Classic Car Show, 21st-22nd September, 2013
Bristol Restoration Show, 2nd-3rd November, 2013
The Classic Motor Show, 15th-17th November, 2013.
For more news head over to the car's official website.

04/02/2013 -  A trailer for the new The Saint series was released yesterday - featuring none other than "our" Saint Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy. Take a look here on Youtube and read more information about the series at Deadline.

02/03/2013 -  A new interview with Sir Roger Moore at The Telegraph in which he talks about his life, Bond and the new The Saint series.

01/13/2013 -  If you want to read the stories that formed the basis for the TV series and understand better why author Leslie Charteris was sometimes really galled about the changes that the scriptwriters sometimes made to his storylines, check out the new edition of his books coming from Mulholland books, beginning in February. See a list of these books on amazon.co.uk's Lesie Charteris author page. More information about the books also at crimezine

12/21/2012 -  According to another exclusive on Deadline actors Sir Roger Moore (The Saint) and Ian Ogilvy will have guest roles in the pilot episode for the new series. Moore will also co-produce the pilot.

12/09/2012 -  According to an exclusive on Deadline actor Adam Rayner has been cast as Simon Templar for a pilot episode of a new series, directed by Simon West. They also call this planned series a "remake" of our beloved TV show.

10/22/2012 -  During a trip to the UK last weekend, I discovered that there is a party mask available to buy that shows our beloved TV hero. So if you ever were tempted to appear in Saintly disguise, you can buy the Roger mask directly from the manufacturer here.

Two articles about the Saint's Car, one about Volvo Enthusiasts Club founder Kevin Price's car for which its restoration will be completed at the Footman James Classic Vehicle Restoration Show on November 03 and 04, 2012 and one about Volvo Owners Club's Gordon Hunter's restored car on display at at Holden Motors? Barker Street showroom in Norwich.

10/14/2012 -  Happy Birthday to Sir Roger Moore! Mr. Moore is celebrating his 85th birthday today, may there be many more years to come! On a related note, here's an article from The Independent explaining "Why Sir Roger Moore was the greatest 007".

08/27/2012 -  An article by Sir Roger Moore mostly about James Bond, but with a small mention of The Saint, in preparation for his upcoming book Bond on Bond. Another one here, also on Mail on Sunday Online.

03/21/2012 -  A new book about our favourite here was published recently... but only in French language. It's called "LE SAINT - Itin?raire d'un anti-h?ros" by Jean-Fran?ois Rivi?re. You can buy it here at amazon.fr for example.

01/26/2012 -  The Saint will return... again! Variety reports RKO pictures has hired writer Travis Wright to pen the first in a series of 3 movies about our favorite Saint. UPDATE: 01/28/2012 - Further information to this news and what it means for the planned TV series can be found on saint.org.

12/21/2011 -  A news story from Norway about another modern re-interpretation of the Saint's Car. Original story or rough translation through Google.

11/21/2011 -  A book about Terry Nation, the author of 14 episodes of The Saint, was released earlier this year. The book mostly concentrates on his involvement with the Doctor Who TV series but also contains a section about The Saint and The Baron. The book can be bought for example from amazon.co.uk.

10/18/2011 -  Belated birthday greetings to the one and only Sir Roger Moore!

09/23/2011 -  If you want to see one of the original Volvo P1800 cars that was used during the production of the series, head over to the Classic Motor Show in Birmingham between November 11-13, 2011. More information at the official website.

08/01/2011 -  The Saint will return... at least on German/French TV channel arte. Reruns will be shown from September 05 to October 03, 2011 at 5pm CET.

05/24/2011 -  "The Saint's car is 50 years old" - an article about The Saint's Car ... on a Malaysian website! Read it here on MotorTrader.

04/26/2011 -  A German language article about The Saint's car has appeared today on Swiss websites like Tagesanzeiger, Basler Zeitung, Berner Zeitung and Der Bund, originating from this article on Zwischengas. Interestingly enough, some of the pictures in the overview picture seem VERY familiar... because they were taken from my website (e.g. from here).

04/26/2011 -  What was hinted in the previous news post is now confirmed - James Purefoy will play the lead role in the new The Saint TV series.

04/18/2011 -  Although no new release date has been revealed at the publisher's website the official Leslie Charteris website announces that the book about "The Saint on TV" is now finished. It also hints that James Purefoy will play the lead role in the new Saint TV show (due to writing the introduction to the book). The new show will film in New Orleans in July. Roger Moore is booked there from mid-July - for unknown purposes. (see his official website)

03/21/2011 -  It's the 50th anniversary of the Volvo P1800, our most favorite car, well, at least mine! Volvo Cars participation at the Techno-Classica in Essen, Germany, will focus on this jubilee theme. The Techno-Classica is the "World Show for Vintage, Classic and Prestige Automobiles, Motorsport, Motorcycles, Spare Parts and Restauration".

03/21/2011 -  Another delay for the Ian Dickerson book about "The Saint on TV". According to the publisher's website the book has been delayed to March 2011 now.

01/10/2011 -  Sad news... Peter Yates, director of seven episodes of "The Saint" and of popular movies like "The Deep" and "Bullitt" passed away yesterday. Read his obituary on the Guardian website and his entry in the Internet Movie Database.

12/30/2010 -  Shape of things to come! On 02/28/2011 Network DVD will release three compilations with classic ITC series - on Bluray! The compilations are called "retro-ACTION!". The second Bluray of this series will contain "The Queen's Ransom". This is just an appetizer "as a precursor to full-series releases beginning in 2011" as the official Network DVD website states. The quality of the material certainly lends to it with "The Saint" being recorded on film. No date has been give as to when the full series will be released.

12/30/2010 -  The Ian Dickerson book about "The Saint on TV" has been delayed to February 2011 due to newly available material. Thanks to the official Leslie Charteris website!

10/14/2010 -  Today is Sir Roger Moore's 83rd Birthday! Congratulations and all the best from simontemplar.de!

10/14/2010 -  Roy Ward Baker, the director of 16 episodes plus the double episode/movie "The Fiction Makers" has died recently. If you want to know more about his work and his life I recommend his autobiography "The Director's Cut: A Memoir of 60 Years in Film and Television" (Reynolds & Hearn). Here's a obituary on the Guardian website.

07/11/2010 -  Good times for The Saint fans! According to saint.org a new book about ALL of the Saint TV series with a wealth of information will be published this October. Pre-order now, since you will get special benefits: "By pre-ordering this book you help to fund the publication and to show our gratitude your name will be listed at the back of the book, and you will receive a signed, dedicated copy before the book hits the shelves." I did!

05/14/2010 -  As previously announced the "Original Soundtrack" for "The Saint" will be available soon. To be precise it will be released on May 31, 2010. More information about the 4-CD set is available here. Thanks to Anthony Cochrane for the tip!

04/25/2010 - After the fine "The Music of ITC" compilation Network has now confirmed that they will release the music from "The Saint" TV series. Quote from their mail: "There are indeed plans to release The Saint soundtrack. Once a date is confirmed we will report it on our website and social sites. It should be quite soon hopefully." Submitted by Anthony Cochrane, thank you!

03/28/2010 -  A CD with the title "The Music of ITC" is available now containing several tracks from the most famous ITC series, including "The Saint", "Return of the Saint" and "The Persuaders". You can order it from amazon.co.uk. A review is available here. The six "The Saint" tracks on this set are "Main Titles" (monochrome series), "Incidental Cue" (colour series), "Closing Titles" (monochrome series), "Incidental Cue" (colour series), "Main Titles" (colour series), Incidental Cue (colour series), "Opening Titles" (from "Legacy of the Saint" onwards), "I'm Out to Get You" (from "Portrait of Brenda"), "Closing Titles" (from "Legacy of the Saint" onwards). Thanks to Philip Rico for the tip! Updated: 04/14/2010

02/20/2010 - Get yourself your own personal autograph from Sir Roger Moore! Head over to bondstars.com to read about the conditions. The signing will take place on April 18, 2010. Thanks to Philip Rico for the tip!

10/14/2009 -  Happy Birthday, Sir Roger Moore!

10/05/2009 -  A sad day for all "The Saint" on TV fans - Robert S. Baker, the producer who brought us "The Saint" and "The Persuaders", has died last week in the age of 93. Baker had also directed four episodes of "The Saint". Read his obituary on the Guardian.

09/10/2009 - A new "The Saint" series was talked about for quite a while now (refer to the news from 03/19/2007) but it seemed to be a rocky road. There are news now that the production has re-started, check out this article on broadcastnow.co.uk.

07/14/2009 -  Not sure what they're saying because the website is in Swedish but Roger Moore seems to have tested a new Volvo C70. You can see a picture of him here on Aftonbladet.

06/03/2009 -  Roger Moore was in Hamburg on Monday to present his autobiography. Articles (in German) available from Berliner Morgenpost, Duelmener Zeitung, Hamburger Abendblatt and Der Tagesspiegel.

05/24/2009 -  The Saint Complete DVD Collection available now and appears every two weeks. Each DVD contains two episodes 'plus a companion guide with plot summaries, classic scenes and more'. Additional gifts are available to subscribers. Unfortunately the offer is only available to UK residents! Terms can be found here here.

05/06/2009 -  There is a concept for a modern "version" of our famous Volvo P1800 as can be seen in this news article here. Check out the additional pictures... and The Saint gets a mention too! I have to admit I have a new dream car now! UPDATE 05/21/2009: English articles on classicdriver.com and The Saint Online.

12/13/2008 -  A new DVD about our favorite TV series is available now: The Saint Steps In... To Television. The documentary is based on the specials that are available on the network DVD box sets but was expanded with new interviews. The web-exclusive DVD and more information about it can be found here.

09/25/2008 -  A third box set with the remaining German dubbed episodes of The Saint are going to be released later this year by Koch Media. The episodes consist of sixteen black & white episodes and the two colour two episode films "Vendetta for the Saint" and "The Fiction Makers". As with the other two boxes the DVD booklet was written by me.

08/03/2008 -  Two story collections of Simon Templar's adventures as written by Leslie Charteris are planned for a release on 11/27/2008. Volume 1 will have an introduction by Ken Follett, Volume 2 by Sir Roger Moore!

11/22/2007 - Check out this interesting news about a new book about our favourite TV series slated for release next year, written by Ian Dickerson.

10/14/2007 -  Happy Birthday, Sir Roger Moore! A toast to the man who celebrates his 80th birthday today!

10/12/2007 -  Just a few days prior to his 80th birthday has Sir Roger Moore received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Read more about it on Sir Roger's official website.

10/03/2007 -  Sadly Lois Maxwell has passed away on the 29th of September. She was famous for her role as Miss Moneypenny in the Sean Connery and Roger Moore James Bond movies. She also played in two episodes of "The Saint": Episode #73 "Interlude in Venice" and Episode #92 "Simon and Delilah". Read more about it on the Saint Blog and in an interview mit Roger Moore by the BBC.

09/29/2007 - There will be a third interview special with Sir Roger Moore on his 80th birthday, the 14th of October, from 20:10 to 20:15 on german TV Channel "Das Vierte". German pay TV channel Premiere Nostalgie also has an interview special with Moore on the 10/05/2007 at 20:15. More information can be found here. UPDATE: 10/15/2007 - The interview special on Das Vierte was just a repeat of the Simon Templar interview first broadcast on the 09/02/2007.

09/09/2007 -  The two interview specials are available on the net now here (with german overdubs). There is also a trailer with Roger Moore.

08/28/2007 -  An interview (in german) and a photo shoot for the re-runs of "The Persuaders" and "The Saint" on TV channel "Das Vierte" can be found here.

08/19/2007 - "The Saint" aka "Simon Templar" will be back on german free TV in a double feature with "The Persuaders" on TV channel "Das Vierte". Starting on the 2nd September 2007 "The Persuaders" will start first at 20:15 followed by "The Saint" at 21:15. Two 5 minute interview specials with Roger Moore will also be broadcast at 20:10 and 21:10 on the 02nd September.

03/19/2007 -  A new "The Saint" series is in development for Turner Network Television (TNT) by executive producer William J. McDonald (who was also producer on the abysmal Val Kilmer Saint movie) and producer Jorge Zamacona with the rights in possession of Roger Moore's son Geoffrey. Read more about it on the Saint Blog.

02/25/2007 -  The second and last German DVD box set of "The Saint" will be released on the 27th April 2007. It's available from here. It will contain 16 colour (2 of them never before shown in Germany - with subtitles) and 6 b/w uncut episodes. As extras the box set will have the documentaries "The Saint Steps In... To Television" and "The Saint Steps In... To Colour" and an audio commentary for The Ex-King of Diamonds.
Once again I have written the booklet for this edition.

01/01/2007 -  As mentioned on other sites a white model car of the Volvo P1800 is available now by the german model makers from Revell. The model is 1/18 scale. More info can be found here.

10/30/2006 - Sir Roger Moore will be guest on The New Paul O'Grady Show on this Wednesday! Just as Halo over at www.saint.org was asked to provide a list of questions for Roger Moore, I was asked to make suggestions for a classic clip of The Saint that will be used in the show. So tune in on Wednesday!

10/14/2006 - Happy Birthday, Roger Moore! Sir Roger was born on the 10/14/1927 and turns 79 today.

09/24/2006 -  Another box set will be released shortly - "The Saint - The Complete Monochrome Series" will have ALL B/W episodes on 18 DVDs! The set will also include the new documentary "The Saint Steps In... To Television", commentaries, three booklets and more. More information can be found here.

03/11/2006 -  Finally, a German DVD box set of the Saint will be available in April. The first of three planned sets will include Season 5 of "The Saint" (called "Simon Templar" in Germany). You can buy it here. It includes uncut episodes, 7 episodes never before shown in Germany (subtitled in german), an audio commentary for Episode #85 "Escape Route" with Roger Moore, Robert S. Baker and Peter Manley (from the australian box set), original episode trailers and a booklet written by ... ME!

03/03/2006 - Two new PAL box sets of all of the Saint colour episodes are going to be released this month... actually on the same day - the 27th March 2006!
"The Saint - the Complete Colour Episodes" 12 DVD set will be available only by direct mail from DD Home Entertainment. It includes among other things three new documentaries ("The Famous Simon Templar", "The Girls of The Saint" and "The Story of ST 1" and two full colour booklets. You can order it here.
"The Saint - The Complete Colour Series" 14 DVD set includes for example both the episodic and movie versions of The Fiction Makers and Vendetta for the Saint, trailers & commentaries, three booklets and more. More information here.
But this is not all for this month - the fifth DVD set with the rest of the colour episodes will be available from australian company Umbrella Entertainment. Strangely enough it's not visible on their website yet but you can order it already at EzyDVD. It offers audio commentaries by Roger Moore and Robert S. Baker on Vendetta For The Saint and The Ex-King of Diamonds and more.

01/01/2006 -  Issue #12 of the Action TV magazine is available! It has an article about the procuction of the second season of The Saint and one about series composer Edwin Astley. Don't miss it! Order it here: Action TV Magazine

09/15/2005 - I'm still here - in case anyone wondered... I had some problems with my webspace recently. If you know a good and free one with at least 40MB free space let me know!
In other news: the fourth Saint DVD set from Umbrella is out! Umbrella Entertainment has changed its website (so the links below to Umbrella won't work anymore). You can buy this set and the other three at their new website. Alternatively you can order it here: EzyDVD.
The fourth DVD set includes for example audio commentaries with Roger Moore, Robert S. Baker, Production Supervisor Peter Manley and Annette André.

01/30/2005 -  The third australian box set is available now! You can buy it directly from Umbrella here. It includes audio commentaries with Roger Moore and Jane Merrow, the original ITC pressbook and more.

11/14/2004 - Sir Roger Moore has recorded more commentaries for the forthcoming DVD releases from Umbrella in October. Thanks to Roger Moore - A Polish Fan Site (more info there) and to James Price who pointed this out to me.

10/17/2004 - A dream come true... A few years back I would have never believed it possible but today I can say that I have seen all episodes of The Saint! In this respect the episode guide now includes all of the episodes. Work on the site is not finished though, I still have a lot of ideas, input by readers that has to be included etc. If you want to contribute write me an eMail!

08/14/2004 -  The second australian box set is finally available here. It includes an audio commentary for Episode #23 "The Saint Plays with Fire" with Roger Moore, Robert S. Baker & Johnny Goodman and an audio commentary with Roy Ward Baker and Suzanne Lloyd for Episode #31 "Luella" plus an interview with Roger Moore.

06/17/2004 -   And even more box set news: Box sets 4 and 5 were released in France recently. You can order them here and here. I have no infos about the contents right now though. (Thanks to Fernando for the info)

06/12/2004 -   More box set news: Two sets were released in Portugal containing all the 26 episodes of season 5 plus the first three of season 6. You can order them e.g. here and here. The episodes are in english with portuguese subtitles. (Thanks to Fernando for the info)

04/29/2004 -  And yet another box set with the black & white episodes - this time from the US! It contains the first twelve episodes (the first season). No details are available about the special features, no mention of it on the A&E website. Dan Bodenheimer at Saint.org points out that the set is only available at Deep Discount DVD right now. (Thanks to James Price for the info)

04/17/2004 -  Another box set is coming out in May in the UK! It contains the black & white Episodes #1-39. You can buy it at Amazon.co.uk.

03/05/2004 - An update on the french DVD edition - unfortunately it is not possible to disable the french subtitles in the english version.
02/23/2004 -    There is another series of Saint box sets I wasn't aware of until today when I found them in an eBay auction. These box sets were released in France (Region Code 2). According to the eBay auction box set #1 covers Episodes #1-17, box set #2 Episodes #18-39 and box set #3 seasons 3 and 4 in my episode guide. There seem to be no special features on them compared to the australian box set, but the original trailers are said to be included. This means in short that all of the Saint episodes are finally available on DVD! If you click on each of the pictures above you'll be directed to the corresponding page on Amazon.fr.

02/23/2004 -  Forgot to mention it here - issue #9 of the Action TV magazine is out with an interview with scriptwriter Dick Sharples. He penned three episodes with Gerald Kelsey. Ordering details can be found here: Action TV Magazine

12/21/2003 -  Finally, the first australian box set has arrived here! It looks excellent and the special features alone (an audio commentary for Episode # 1 "The Talented Husband" with Roger Moore, Robert S. Baker & Johnny Goodman; a reprint of the original ITC Publicity Booklet; isolated music & effects track on Episode #8 "The Element of Doubt"; an original interview with Roger Moore from 1963 etc. etc.) make it worth buying. You can order it here. After I watched the episodes I already reviewed based on the UK Carlton DVDs I will continue to update the website with the new episodes.

10/27/2003 - I joined "The Saint's Web Ring". You can find the webring's hub here.
10/21/2003 -  The first box set of the australian DVDs is now available for pre-order. You can order here on Umbrella Entertainment's website.

10/07/2003 -  Maybe old news for some of you but the Barer book is now available in a new edition. It is available for example here at amazon.co.uk. I don't have it (yet) so I don't know if the page numbers are the same as in the old edition.

09/17/2003 - Added a new feature to the site. In every episode review you can now click on the name of the director or the writer to find out at once which other episodes he has directed or written.

09/10/2003 - There's news about the australian release of the b&w episodes on DVD - head over to The Roger Moore Years

09/01/2003 - Since nothing came out of it (and Ian Dickerson confirmed this view) I removed the link to the Plus site today.

07/25/2003 - Well, this is it - I have no more Saint episodes available to review! Only half of them were shown in Germany, all of the color episodes were released on DVD in the US, but only Season 1 and part of Season 2 have been released on DVD in the UK. As you can see on the episode guide there are still a lot of episodes I haver never seen! I hope that some day all of the black & white episodes will be released on DVD. I still have a lot of ideas for updates on the site, so please come back...

07/19/2003 - Still recovering from a hard drive crash... nonetheless I put up two new links. The first is A Guide to Avengerland - if you ever wanted to find out where some of the realworld locations of the Saint series are, check out this fantastic site! The second one is the Stickman Gallery - dedicated to the famous symbol.
06/26/2003 - Ian Dickerson, Honorary Secretary of The Saint Club, informed me that Plus, a UK based cable and satellite channel, will run the color episodes of The Saint beginning in late July. Because there is a possibility to take part in the marketing campaign, I put up a link to the Plus website on my links page.

06/19/2003 - Banner The nice guys from Roger Moore - A Polish Fan Site  have created a banner for me. You can link to my site now, more info on the links page

06/15/2003 - Roger Moore was knighted yesterday for his work as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF - read more on the official Roger Moore Website. Congratulations, Sir Roger Moore!

06/08/2003 - New rumours about the black & white episodes on DVD - check out the June news section of The Roger Moore Years

06/08/2003 -  A new issue of Action TV magazine (No.8) is out with an article about the first season of The Saint. Check it out here: Action TV Magazine

06/08/2003 - The Saint is currently running on german TV: every Sunday at about 8:30 a.m.